Vision and Code


Vision – To be the best marine refit, repair and construction provider in Oceania 

Shipyard Mission – Oceania Marine will strive to ensure that scope, resources, time and cost are managed and executed in a way leading to successful project completion that results in ultimate vessel owner satisfaction.

Environmental Mission – Oceania Marine will operate it’s shipyards respecting the environment by ensuring that:

  1. the air, ground and water at the shipyards are protected from it’s activities
  2. that all possible reasonable steps are taken to recycle materials
  3. that vessel owners are encouraged by the shipyards to choose environmentally friendly and sustainable options
  4. invitees to New Zealand are educated and appraised of the potential that they may bring with them bio-hazards that threaten the local marine environment

Code of Practice – Oceania Marine is a member of the NZ Marine industry association and as such adheres to the industry code of practice. Follow THIS LINK to read a copy.

Logos – “Oceania Marine fully supports the vessel owner in their endeavour” is the slogan conveyed by our Logos. The logo is made up of Oceania Marine’s first two letters ‘O’ and ‘M’. The ‘O’ (on top) also represents the owner or their vessel, with the top part being superstructure and the bottom the hull. Below the ‘O’ is a stylised ‘M’ which represents a cradle supporting the hull. The colours represent the ocean above and the land below. As any seaman knows the ocean has many hues and the one we have selected matches the vivid colour of the seas that surround the islands of Oceania.

Oceania Marine has adopted CanTeen as its official charity and encourages vessel owners and project partners to support the amazing work this organisation does to support young people living with cancer.

CanTeen defines itself as follows: 

“Our mission is to support, develop and empower young people living with cancer through a national support network, and high quality education.” 

Anyone wishing to contribute can follow the link to their website or contact us.